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Readings with Samantha

Join Samantha Hammond in the parlour on July 20th from 1-3pm for a variety of offerings to choose from.

I’m Samantha, I have been studying/practicing Metaphysics for the last 5 years. My goal as a practitioner is to help others to walk away feeling more empowered, clear, and in alignment with their highest potential. I have seen the fruits of each of these modalities, in myself and others, and am honoured to be sharing them with everyone.
My website, with a full list of what I offer and full descriptions of each modality, is if you’d like to know more. If you’d like to prebook any sessions you can do so through my website or via Instagram - @esoulteric

Natal Chart Interpretations
Natal chart interpretation assist in cultivating a deeper understanding of yourself and what energies are at play in your personality so you can better asses what your strengths are and where you may want to grow or bring more into alignment with who you aspire to be.
*I prefer to have these booked in advance (with birth date, time and place sent over at time of booking) but drop ins are always welcome! Just be sure to have all your birth info with you.*
$25 for 30 min

Crystal readings
In this reading you can ask any questions you may have about the past, present or future. While we all have the answers within us it can help to bring clarity or reassurance to something you may be unsure of.
$30 for 30 min

Personal Clearing session
Personal clearing sessions are great when you feel “off”, heavy or uncharacteristically moody and just can’t seem to shake it. Included in this session are a negative spell removal, an emotional cord cutting and a good spell casting.
$90 for 30 min

Life Activation
The Life Activation session activates the divine blueprint within your spiritual DNA. Each individual has a different experience with this healing that is completely unique to them, however the commonality found with those who have experienced this healing is that it is the spark that leads to expressing your true essence.
$150 for 60 min

Soul Retrieval
In this session, we work with the energy of the moon to facilitate healing and re-integration of soul fragments, restoring wholeness and a greater sense of self..
$150 for 60 min

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Full Moon Ceremony
Later Event: August 7
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