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Full Moon Ceremony

Immerse yourself in community circle with movement and magick facilitator Mirhella Cottone (Instagram: @_badgalmir). Join us as we dive into the energy of the Sagittarius full moon. Welcome the Fruitful full moon - a time to reflect and release that which no longer serves us. Receive all that this Sagittarius moon has to offer, mirroring that which is already within you. In Indigenous Algonquin culture, this is known as the Strawberry full moon, thus why I chose to call it the Fruitful full moon! This time, we’re called to reflect on the last six months, just as the seasons have experienced much change so have we. Together, we will seek to illuminate the truths behind our thoughts and actions and their origins. Gaining clarity in directing our process for the next month ahead, setting ourselves up to reap what we sow. Savouring the fruits of our labour.

Fee: $30 - please Etransfer to:

The evening will include:

Astrological interpretations

Crystals, herbs and symbols of the divine

A tea ceremony

Sharing & journaling about the pertaining questions this astrological cycle will bring

A powerful group meditation *trigger warning: this may cue tears!*

Finishing off the evening with a collective tarot reading & social time.

Please bring a pen, a water bottle, and a meditation cushion if you own one. Attire is anything you're comfortable sitting on the floor in. Please advise the host if you have any physical limitations and we will do our best to provide you with alternative accommodations (i.e: a chair).

OUR GOAL IS TO CREATE SAFE SPACES FOR SELF EXPRESSION FOR ALL MEMBERS OF THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY INCLUDING INDIGENOUS PEOPLES, POC, LGBQT+. As privileged women, it is our duty to LISTEN and hold space for the communities suffering from oppression by standing in solidarity, as well as using our platform to shine a light on these current global issues. If you identify as a member of one of these communities and/or are in need of financial assistance, please let us know! No one is turned away.