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Astrology Readings with Charlie

Astrology is the study and interpretation of  the stars and planets, and the influence they have over human affairs and the natural world based on their position and aspects. 

Charlie’s approach is to wholly encompass the structures in the chart, not viewing any aspects as inherently good or bad. She can offer an objective viewpoint that validates or expands your perspective of the blessings, opportunities, challenges and setbacks apparent from reading your chart. 

Charlie is available for natal, transit and synastry chart interpretations. Please keep in mind you will need to have your birth information including the exact time. 

Natal~ what your chart looked like at the time of your birth & it’s significance on your personal make-up.

Transit~ how the planets are influencing your chart currently, and cycles that may be arising in both harmonious and challenging ways.

Synastry~ fusing two charts together to determine the level of compatibility.

Sessions are 30 minutes long | $25.00

You can follow Charlie on Instagram @changeable_charlie

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