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Witchcraft Wednesday: Witch's Ladder Workshop

Honouring Autumn

~ a handcrafting workshop to celebrate the magic of the season ~

The autumn season brings transformation, abundance and the power of the unseen.

Gather with us to create your own personalized Witch’s Ladder charged with intention and protection, and entwined together with natural objects and powerful symbols.

October 23rd , 2019 @ 6:30 pm

$40 per person - please email: to register

The workshop includes all necessary materials to assemble your ladder as well as hands-on instruction, however, feel free to bring any inspired items from home to incorporate into your ladder.

Traditional items include: feathers, flowers, crystals, charms, hair or fur tufts, bones, acorns, beads, drift wood, sea glass, ribbons, bells, buttons and trinkets.