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June Update

June Update

Hello you fantastic beings!

Can you believe we're halfway through June?! My goodness, time is certainly flying. If you follow along with me on Instagram, I hope you've been enjoying my daily doses of magic in your newsfeed. I've been so busy dreaming up new ideas, writing short stories, enjoying the lovely weather, playing music, and wearing my boss lady pants that despite sharing snippets of my goings-on through Instagram, I still have so much to share with you!

So, what's new? Well, back in March, I was accepted into a program hosted by Hamilton's Small Business Enterprise Centre for start up companies. I learned all about accounting, and marketing, but most importantly, how to write a business plan. It's one of those things that, as a small business owner, can seem daunting, and boring, but it's so helpful to write down goals, and projections, and plan how your business is going to be successful.
Side note: If any of you reading this are currently thinking about starting your own business, I highly recommend you go check out the entrepreneur resource centre within your city, they are a wealth of knowledge. 
... Moving along - so I submitted my business plan for review and got the thumbs up from the people leading the program, which meant that I got to present my business to a small team of people. I presented this past Wednesday (the 13th). I won't hear the results until next Tuesday, but if they like the idea of my business and think I show strong entrepreneurial traits, then I will receive a $5000 grant to invest into The Witch's Fix... AHHH wouldn't that be so amazing!?!?! Yes, yes, yes! I already know exactly what I will do with the funds, but I'm keeping that a secret for the time being. 

That's the biggest life thing I'm currently experiencing. I don't want to burden you with reading a huge post, but just quickly...

1) I was a vendor at my first craft fair a few weeks ago. It was such a neat experience! Made some sales, had some enthusiastic conversations... all in all, a success!

2) You can shop some of my witchy wares in downtown Orillia, Ontario at Harold & Ferne. As well as on King Street East in Hamilton, at Studio 205. It's really cool to have my products in actual stores.

3) Next Friday, June 22nd, I'll be vending in Kitchener, Ontario at Apollo Cinema - they're screening Practical Magic and hosting a fun "midnight margaritas" event. I'll also be leading a candle rolling workshop before the movie. Read more about the event here.

While I've been busy, I hope all of you have been keeping in the best spirits, and doing things that bring you peace, happiness, and lots of laughter :)

We'll talk soon.

A parting quote...

"Never be limited by other people's limited imaginations."
-Mae C. Jemison

Happy casting!

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